VITALIXIR™ - Keratin Treatment

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9 mL. - 0.3 Fl. Oz.

Get Back To Stronger Growing Nails!

Get your dry, brittle nails back on the healthy track with Vitalixir™ No-Light Keratin Natural Nail Treatment with 20% active ingredients for unparalleled results. Unlike other products that only cover natural nail damage, Vitalixir™ Keratin Nail Treatment rescues nails by going straight to the source of the problem. By cross-linking with damaged nail keratin to correct breaks, splits, and peels Vitalixir™ gives you the best nails you’ve ever had!

You'll see instant results as Vitalixir™ not only protects damaged nails but actually repairs them! The B5 Pro Vitamin Organic Complex keeps nails moisturized even under harsh environmental conditions.

With Vitalixir™, nails can get their healthy luster back quickly and safely! For best results, use daily for two weeks; then apply to the natural nail every other day. For extremely damaged nails, use up to 4 weeks prior to resuming use of lacquer and other nail enhancements.

Benefits of Vitalixir™ No-Light Keratin Natural Nail Treatment:

• 20% active ingredients for instant results • Correct breaks, splits and peels • Saturates and resurfaces nails with powerful hydrolyzed Keratin peptides • Protects with exclusive B5 Pro Vitamin Organic Complex • Instantly restores a healthy glow • Salon tested • 7-free Formula

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