Xpress Dip Intro Kit

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Xpress Dip Intro Kit


Dip your way to gorgeous nails with no mess & no gummy brushes! The Gelish MINI Xpress Dip Intro Kit includes: 9mL 2-in-1 Base & Top Coat, 9mL Activator, 9mL Brush Restorer, 9g Xpress Dip Arctic Freeze, 9g Xpress Dip Wonder Woman, 20 Wipe It Off lint-free wipes, 3 orangewood sticks and 1 nail file.

• 9mL 2-in-1 Base and Top Coat

• 9mL Activator

• 9mL Brush Restorer

• 9g Xpress Dip Arctic Freeze

• 9g Xpress Dip Wonder Woman

• 20ct Wipe It Off Lint-Free Wipes

• 3 Orangewood Sticks

• 1 Nail File

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